Vinay Gupta

Vinay Gupta

Vinay Gupta is a temporary practitioner of capitalism (just long enough to maybe buy a house).

Finding better solutions than centralization and war is his life’s work. Vinay has worked extensively with government, the military, some large companies and think-tanks – but most of all with the Free and open source community – to solve real problems.

Vinay is a pioneer of open hardware, using his time within the The Farm commune in Tennessee to unexpectedly design, document & distribute the Hexayurt,  a simplified disaster relief shelter design. The Hexayurt is based on a geodesic geometry adapted to standard factory made construction material, enabling anyone to turn standard industrial materials into zero-waste debt-free housing.

Vinay is presently strategic architect at Consensys, and communications for Etherium – a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts applying blockchain technology.

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