Future Makespaces in Redistributed Manufacturing is a two-year The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) funded research project run from the Royal College of Art, London, exploring the role of makespaces in redistributed manufacturing (RdM)..


Develop a shared multi-perspective and multi-stakeholder vision and agenda for the role of makespaces in redistributed manufacturing // Define the research required to achieve the developed vision // Define, support, and document a series of feasibility projects to underpin the developed vision // Include in its membership all stakeholders in the value chain, from equipment suppliers to product manufacturers, end-users, and the broader community // Undertake a comprehensive dissemination and knowledge transfer programme to all stakeholders // Work with EPSRC and other RDM networks to develop a shared vision for redistributed manufacturing.

The project will run symposiums, workshops and funded feasibility projects that will investigate the role makespaces can have with respect to RdM now and in the future.

Through a multidisciplinary network bringing multiple perspectives it will define the challenges involved in interfacing and integrating makespaces with existing manufacturing businesses, and put forward a pathway and research agenda that contributes to sustainable redistributed manufacturing in the UK.

The investigation will look at four main levels :Makespace, Local, Digital Networks and National and International

FMs RdM illustrations-04

Our approach to each level involves a symposium bringing together experts and interesting perspectives and participants, followed by a call for 6 month feasibility studies. Cross cutting research will be ongoing throughout the project.